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About Us

I love great coffee. I love it so much I quit my corporate accounting job and opened Prosum Roasters. As an avid home roaster, I spent many hours searching the internet for new green coffee I could roast when not crunching numbers. One day, I happened upon a photo of an old friend. He was in Ethiopia buying coffee. He invited me to join him on his next buying trip. On that first trip, I was struck by how many hands the coffee passed through before reaching the United States. I took for granted many of the people required to bring excellent coffee to my cup. To see how the coffee was grown, harvested, processed, exported, imported, and blended during its journey amazed me. While climbing the mountains, playing with the children, getting to know the families, I decided my accounting career was over. I wanted to be a part of this. I learned the coffee industry could be a dirty business. But I wanted to do some good, be of benefit, be useful in the industry. Prosum.

At Prosum Roasters, we pay attention to the effects our relationships have on our farming partners. We deal directly with them. We don’t attach labels or certifications to our purchasing methods. Our relationships run much deeper than buying and selling. We know our farmers and farming communities well enough to work directly with them in a way that directly benefits us all. The result is usually that the farmers are paid more, we pay less, you pay less, and we get to be confident that our business is fair and beneficial.

At Prosum Roasters, we are roasting exceptional coffee for a better world.


Cindy Moffitt

CEO (and accountant) Prosum Roasters


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