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Clean Water

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We’re excited to welcome back a coffee that has been a staple of Prosum’s offerings. This coffee is a great representation of our values and is one of our favorites. Cindy first traveled to Ethiopia in 2014 after connecting with an old high school friend who had been working in the coffee industry for many years. The trip changed her life and has since changed the lives of many people here in Albuquerque and across the world. Last year Cindy again visited Kellensoo Mokanisa, the village where our Ethiopian Shukery Kellensoo coffee is grown, harvested, and processed. The trip was made to continue building on the relationship she had initiated two years earlier, to negotiate the purchase of a container (40,000 pounds) of coffee, and check in with the programs that she had committed to support with a percentage of her coffee sales.

On this trip, Cindy learned that in certain parts of the village and surrounding areas accessing clean water was not always possible. The water comes from streams and springs. Water is channeled into large tanks for coffee processing. Our coffee is NATURAL PROCESSED, but producing a washed coffee involves washing the pulp off of the bean. The wastewater from this process is full of fermented fruit. The fruit gets into the groundwater and attracts bacteria. Some of the villagers use this water for drinking.

While visiting one of the more rural, washing stations, downstream from Kellensoo, Cindy witnessed villagers scooping their water from a hole in the ground. She saw some children with distended stomachs, a result of the bacteria in the contaminated water. Biniyam, our coffee exporter based in Kellensoo, told Cindy that they wanted to put in some basic infrastructure to run clean water from upstream, and make it accessible from a tap. This sounded like the perfect opportunity to be useful, do good, and benefit, so Cindy immediately wanted to participate. A portion all Kellensoo sales will go directly to Kellensoo to implement and maintain this new clean water system.

This video shows a washing station in Kellensoo Mokanisa where the workers are manually agitating the coffee in a fermentation tank to remove the pulp from the bean. This produces what is known as a washed coffee and the byproduct of which is bacteria in the water.

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