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Nicaraga Finca Santa Teresa

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Our Nicaraguan Finca Santa Teresa coffee comes from a finca (farm) near Dipilto, Nicaragua that is run by Jorge Logos. Jorge does an amazing job.  He inherited the Santa Teresa about 3 year ago when his father died. Each year Jorge has worked to improve employee housing, increase pay, and improve creature comforts such as bathing rooms, toilets, kitchens and dining areas. Jorge has funded these improvements himself with only a little nudging from BUESCO.  Our importer The Bushwick Seed Co (BUESCO) does not provide Jorge additional project funding like they do with some other farmers.  Instead, they have helped him increase his coffee business acumen. BUSECO has found him customers (like Prosum), introduced him to the coffee market, and educated him on things buyers would like to see. They have helped him understand his customers’ better by teaching him about how buyers like to see small interesting lots of coffee, varied processing methods and how these effect taste in various methods of brewing coffee. 

When I buy Jorge's coffee I know that not only is he getting a fair price for his coffee but that his workers are treated well.  I met Jorge in Seattle in April and look forward to visiting his finca sometime this winter.

Jorge on his phone out on his finca.

A quick snap shot of coffee plants out on the Santa Teresa.

These are baby coffee plants.  They call them solders because the coffee beans that are still on the top of the plants look like little helmets.

This is Jorge's pulpadore.  It is a machine that is used to separate the flesh of the coffee cherry from the coffee beans.  The bottom picture is taken from the top of the machine where bags of the ripe coffee cherries are poured into a large basket type funnel that feeds the pulpadore.  

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