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Socially Responsible Sourcing

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Since the beginning, Prosum has been dedicated to sourcing coffee that been responsibly procured. Because every coffee we carry, comes from a different farm, with different operations, with which we have a different relationship, it's not quite fitting for us to use terms like direct trade, or fair trade. What's important to us that people understand about our coffee, is the relationship. All relationships take time to develop, and good relationships always continue to grow. We are committed to developing positive relationships with farmers and the communities they live and work in. Doing this allows us to create a positive community around our own business, as well as support the farms. It does however create a barrier to acquiring new and different coffees, from regions, where the coffee industry is unregulated, and people are exploited. There is no Department of Labor ensuring fair wages or working conditions. It's important to us to know that the money we pay for green coffee is supporting farmers, pickers and their communities and not just the middleman. That's why we not only want to get to know our farmers, but give back a portion of our profits, and work with the communities to implement programs to improve their quality of life. (More about our programs coming soon.)

Customers come into the shop and ask why we don't carry more of a variety, and the reality is that buying coffee responsibly is not as easy as going to your local farmers market for fresh produce. But in our pursuit of buying coffee responsibly, Prosum has begun to work with others who share this vision. After traveling to Brazil with the company Ally Coffee and seeing first hand how they do business, Prosum has now started purchasing micro-lots of responsibly produced coffees from areas to which we have not been able to travel, or had time to cultivate relationships with farmers. By working with trusted partners who do have these relationships in place, and share the vision of building business through building relationships, we are supporting farms around the world, and bringing new and interesting flavors to your palate right here in Albuquerque.

Starting this week we are selling 12 ounce bags of a naturally processed bean from the Sapucaia Farm in the Montanhas do Espirito Santo growing region in Brazil. We've found this bean makes an excellent medium roast, with a chocolaty aroma and flavors of dark cherry. Retail bags are $16 and of course come with a free drink. This bean is a limited offering while it lasts, and we have plans for it in a holiday blend too! Come in to the shop and try it out, and stay tuned for new and different coffees coming from our trusted partners.

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