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Last year we visited our friends in Kellenso Mokanisa, Ethiopia to negotiate buying a container of coffee. As a part of the agreement to sell us coffee, we also agreed to contribute a portion of our sales of that coffee back to the community to fund a project making clean water easily accessible to farmers in the village and surrounding areas.

As a member of the New Mexico Coffee Association, Prosum has spread their mission to be useful, do good, and be of benefit to other local coffee roasters.  The organization helped set up a citywide fund raiser here in Albuquerque for the clean water project and it's taking place this week.

Last night we partnered up with Winning Coffee Co. and set up a booth outside their shop during the Bricklight Nights event.  We talked with locals about how the coffee industry contaminates ground water.  We answered questions about exactly what the clean water project is. We have also partnered with For the Good, a local non-profit and screen printing service, to print T-shirts which we are selling for $15 and all the profits go towards the clean water project.

On Friday 7/28, participating members of the New Mexico Coffee Association will be collecting donations, selling T-shirts, and raising awareness about the issue of clean water in the coffee industry. Check out the NMCA's website for more information about this event here. Clean Water Project Fundraiser

We will continue to contribute a portion of our Ethiopian coffee sales back to the Clean Water Project and future projects that will benefit the village of Kellensoo Mokanisa and the farmers who grow, harvest, process, and export our coffee.

We are so grateful for the Albuquerque community getting involved with something we are passionate about and supporting our Ethiopian partners. We are grateful for our relationship with the village of Kellensoo Mokanisa and the opportunity to make a difference in the industry.

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Barista Training Class starts this weekend!

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