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Visiting a Coffee Farmer in El Salvador

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While on my trip to Central America I went with my coffee importer, Matt (of Think CoffeeThe Bushwick Seed Company), to visit a coffee farmer in El Salvador named Lichi.  This farmer is different from the other farmers I met on this trip.   He has a large finca (what they call the coffee farms in Central America) that has a real corporate feel. Lichi is one of El Salvador's top coffee producers and Matt has spent over 4 years trying to buy coffee from him.  This trip was a success!  Finally after all the years of effort, Lichi agreed to sell coffee to Think Coffee and Matt sold me just a little bit of what he purchased.  I feel fortunate to be able to sell beans from such a fantastic lot of coffee.  We first met Lichi at El Salvador's governmental agency that oversees the exportation of coffee.  We were tasting how two different storage methods and mediums influence the flavor of the coffee. Here are great pictures of our meetings and then lunch with Lichi.

Here we are doing a taste comparison between green coffee stored in vacuumed packed bags and green coffee stored in grain pro bags.  Lichi was experimenting with vacuum packed foil pouches to see if storing his coffee in this environment would improve the taste of his coffee. How green coffee is stored affects how it tastes.   

Lunch with Lichi consisted of oysters, muscles, pupusas and coconut milk we drank straight from the coconuts. The pupusas were so good!!  

Matt and Lichi discussing business over raw oysters and muscles.  

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