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Visiting Coffee Farmers in Chiappas Mexico

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This trip changed my perspective on coffee forever.  During this journey is when I decided to open Prosum Roasters.  Thank you Matt (my friend and coffee importer from The Bushwick Seed CompanyThink Coffee) for taking me on this great adventure that changed my life!

When in Chiappas, we met with a group of farmers that live in Bella Vista.  It is their coffee that is a major component of our Iced Coffee blend.  This meeting was great because I was able to see first hand how Think Coffee interacts with their coffee farmers.  Part of the discussions addressed how Think could help them personally in addition to purchasing their coffee a fair price.   The farmers decided that they wanted to have their drying patios re-finished with new cement and Think agreed to do it for them.  When I buy these farmer's coffee from Think, funding for the new patios is built into the purchase price.  I didn't understand all the words spoken in the meeting but it was clear the farmers were committed to the business relationship with Think.

Coffee cherries drying on a patio outside one of the farmer's homes.

We had fantastic chicken soup and warm tortillas for breakfast before our meeting with the farmers of Bella Vista. This great food was prepared by the farmer's wife in their kitchen shown here.  

A daughter of one of the farmers is stirring coffee beans in parchment that is drying on their family's patio.  This coffee had the fruit removed before it started the drying process but the beans are still in a paper-like white coating called parchment.

Growing coffee is a full on family affair with everyone in the family participating in some aspect of the growing/picking/drying of coffee.  Here I am with the daughters of two different farmers.  Being a mother of a daughter at almost the same age, it made me appreciate how the business relationship with Think Coffee will positively impact their lives.  

After our meeting we climbed on one of the farmer's plats.  Here he is with a coffee plant that has coffee cherries at various stages of ripeness on it. 

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